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This is Exporo

Exporo is Germany's leading platform for digital real estate investments. Under the slogan "Easy and direct real estate investments", it offers investors an overview of real estate projects in which they can invest simply, transparently and free of charge. Private investors benefit from two complementary product categories:

  • On the on hand, they can participate in high-yield and verified real estate projects at short notice and at a fixed interest rate (Exporo Financing) - here project developers construct new buildings, for example, or renovate commercial properties over a certain period of time. 
  • On the other hand, a real innovation, investors can participate directly in selected portfolio properties (Exporo Equity) - just like an owner, by receiving quarterly distributions from the rent surpluses and additionally participating in the real estate value. 

Simon Brunke, Björn Maronde, Tim Bütecke and Julian Oertzen founded the online platform in 2014, have continuously developed it further and are members of the Executive Board of Exporo AG. The company now has over 190 employees and is based in Hamburg's Hafen City.

Exporo - The Story

The Exporo story started with an impeccable timing, a smart idea, courage and a team of four founders who complement each other perfectly. The Exporo founders: Simon Brunke, Björn Maronde, Julian Oertzen and Tim Bütecke. They are the experts for sales and finance, marketing and IT as well as business development and real estate projects.

In 2012 the idea started with the realization that real estate project developers were increasingly interested in alternative sources of financing due to banks’ stricter regulations and limited financing of full projects; and investors only being able to invest with good terms with high amounts of funds. These observations resulted in the firm decision to develop an online marketplace in order to offer real estate projects as an investment opportunity and to directly broker capital between private investors and real estate companies.

To start with, the managing directors offered investments for real estate projects in Hamburg with the help of small team and printed offer letters and contracts. At the same time, an online platform was developed and first marketing strategies were implemented to spread the offers. They had a clear goal in sight: Learning from the first investment offers, understanding the customer preferences and streamlining transaction processes. With hard work, persuasion and the courage to start something completely new with their own recourses, the idea became reality when exporo.de went live at the end of 2014: On 11.12.2014 the crowdinvesting platform went online with the project “Feldbrunnenstraße“ and brokered 2.1 Mio € from private investors within three months.

After 2.5 years the team of founders developed into a company with a team of more than 60 employees. With their online platform they have proven that their business idea works and that many private investors can invest in attractive and high yielding real estate projects. They have reached many milestones thus far:

Exporo - Milestones


11. November 2019 - Exporo is now active on the Dutch market with exporo.nl

02. October 2019 - Mega Deal in the German Fintech Industry - The Hamburg platforms: Exporo and Zinsland join forces

15. September 2019 - Surpassing 500 Mio € in brokered capital

01. August 2019 - Exporo is now active on the Austrian market with exporo.at

18. July 2019 - Exporo issues the first fully digital real estate collateralised security

14. June 2019 - Exporo successfully closes 43 Mio € in the financing round

30. May 2019 - 130th employee joins the team

17. May 2019 - Fintech Awards Germany "Golden Garage": As well as last year, Exporo receives the special prize as outstanding Proptech

24. January 2019 - Presentation of the first Exporo Award 2018


28. December 2018 - Surprassing 300 Mio € brokered capital 

27. December 2018 - Over 4 Mio € brokered in just one day

30. November 2018 - Over 20 Mio € brokered in just one month

15. October 2018 - 250 Mio € brokered capital between private investors and project developers 

19. June 2018 - 100th employee joins Exporo

31. March 2018 - 150 Mio € brokered capital between private investors and project developrs

08. March 2018 - Our 100th project

08. February 2018 - Forming a partnership between Exporo and Consorsbank

10. January 2018 - Launching our very first securities-based product "Mitten in Hannover"

01. January 2018 - Our 90th employee comes on board


19. December 2017 - Obtained KWG License from BaFin - Securities brokerage via the new Exporo Investment GmbH platform

30. November 2017 - Growth Ranking in the Startup Scene: Exporo is the third fastest growing company in the German digital industry

27. October 2017 - 100 Mio € brokered capital between private investors and project developers

20. June 2017 - Surpassing 70 Mio € brokered capital

14. June 2017 - Paying out 10th crowdinvesting project ahead of schedule

29. May 2017 - Exporo closes another round of financing for over 8 Mio €

01. May 2017 - 60th employee joins the team

17. March 2017 - Surpassing 50 Mio € brokered capital

14. January 2017 - Reaching 36 Mio €: Exporo remains the biggest crowdinvesting platform

02. January 2017 - 40th employee joins the team


15. December 2016 - 7th Exporo project is successfully paid back (Feldbrunnenstraße) Highest repayment of a crowdinvesting project in Germany

30. November 2016 - Surpassing 30 Mio € brokered capital

18. November 2016 - Over 1 Mio € brokered capital on this day alone

09. September 2016 - Surpassing 20 Mio € brokered capital

12. July 2016 - Series-A-Financing: Exporo receives 8.2 Mio €

01. March 2016 - Receiving the Immobilienmanager Award 2016


11. November 2015 - Surpassing 10 Mio € brokered capital

30. March 2015 - Closing Europe’s second largest crowdfunding project “Feldbrunnenstraße” (2.1 Mio € funding volume)


11. December 2014 - exporo.de went live with the project “Feldbrunnenstraße”

19. November 2014 - Founding of Exporo