Frequently Asked Questions

About Exporo

How can I invest on Exporo?

Investing in Exporo is done completely electronically on the platform and only takes a few minutes. To do this, please go to our German website as currently, it is not set up on the English website yet, and go to the project you wish to invest in and click on the "Invest Now" button at the top right. A small window will appear, asking you in several steps for all the necessary and relevant data for the investment process. In the last step, all documents, contracts and a risk waning are provided. Once you have read and confirmed these, you can complete the investment process. After a successful investment, you will receive an e-mail explaining the final steps. It is not necessary to send documents by post. Payment is made by bank transfer or direct debit. 

What are the costs for me at EXPORO?

EXPORO is free of charge for you as a registered user and as an investor. Your investment amounts are earmarked and will benefit 100% the real estate project you have selected.

What is Crowd Investing?

Crowdinvesting (can also be referred to as Crowdfunding) consists of the English words "crowd" and "investing". In crowd investing, many investors join forces through the Internet to jointly finance a large project and achieve a return on investment. Through this cooperation, even investors with small investment sums gain access to a market that normally requires minimum investments of up to €500 000 and more. 

What is Exporo Equity?

With Exporo Equity, you have the opportunity to profit from the current rental income and the property value - just like an owner would. You invest your money in a high quality property and participate like an owner in regular interest payments to your account, which depends on the rental income of the property. When you sell the property, you also receive a large part of the increase in value gained. 

What is Exporo Financing?

With Exporo Financing, you have the opportunity to participate directly in selected, audited and high-yield real estate projects. You participate in a specific project (e.g. new construction, renovation, etc.) that the project developer realises over a fixed, short term. From the proceeds, you will be repaid with a fixed interest rate after the end of the term. 

What is Exporo?

Exporo is an online real estate investment platform, which was founded in November 2014 in Hamburg, Germany. With the slogan “Easy and direct investments in real estate”, Exporo enables investors to take part in real estate projects with as little as 500 €,which were previously only accessible to institutional, financially strong or professional investors. Investors also benefit from short run terms and attractive returns.

Who can invest on Exporo?

On Exporo, anyone who is of legal age and has fully contractually capable, can invest from an investment sum of 500 €. As a company, it is currently necessary to contact us personally, the best way is to simply send us an e-mail at info@exporo.de